Salt: how many kinds are there?


Even though many people don’t know them, there are full many types of salt in nature with specific peculiarities and properties. The sea salt, that which we use every day to season pasta and salad, is indeed only the most […]

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Hawaiian red salt


Called “Alaea”, it owes his characteristic color to the homonym clay of volcanic origin, very common in the Hawaiian archipelago, which enriches the salt with iron (giving it the red color) during the evaporation process leading to the formation of […]

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Himalayan pink salt


This salt coming from the highest peak summit of the world is considered the most fine along with the “Fleur de Sel” of the Camargue . As you can imagine, this is not a sea salt extracted from rock salt, […]

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Persian blue salt


Persian blue salt comes from the mines of Iran and is considered a very fine salt both for his peculiar blue coloration and for his strong and slightly spicy flavor. His distinctive color is due to the sylvite, a mineral […]

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